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15th International Conference on the Protection of Children in Cars, in Munich

15th International Conference on the Protection of Children in Cars, in Munich


The 15th International Conference on the Protection of Children in Cars took place in Munich on 7 and 8 December 2017. Experts, investigators and manufacturers turned out during two days at this prestigious conference in order to discuss the achievements made in the past regarding child restraint systems and what initiatives will be carried out in the future.

This year, the 2017 Conference focused on the analysis of developments made in child car seats and innovations which will be launched in the future. In this way, it looked back over past years to recognize the work that has led to a before and after in children's road safety and other innovations that will lead to vast improvements.

Experts in the field analyzed the current and future state of legislation in this respect and looked at innovative products, safety and consumption.They also covered strategies to put in place in countries which have a well-developed use of CRS and in countries where there is still a lot of work to be done. Moreover, they discussed the benefits of technical innovations and what can be done to promote more widespread consumer use.

The Conference began on 7 December by covering the i-Size approval standard and, more specifically, stage 3, underlining the different steps for its entry into force and the challenges faced. We should highlight the speech on booster seats in the US market and the speech by Lotta Jakobsson, of Volvo Cars, on rear-facing child car seats: past, present and future. The topic of assessing CRS approved under R-129 was also covered, specifically in the case of larger-sized children and regarding a future regulation for rear-facing child car seats.

On the 8 December, the Conference dealt with the conduct of passengers during a trip by car, the importance of providing information in order to avoid the incorrect usage of the child car seats and the progress in the use and incorrect use of CRS in Belgium, as well as future prospects.The topic of folding and non-folding booster seats was also featured, as well as their safety features, along with some of the main safety developments of CRS manufactureres.

The conference is aimed primarily at engineers specializing in safety, accident investigators, biomechanical experts, pediatricians, legislators, consumer organizations, experts in road safety campaigns... in short, anyone who is concerned about road safety in general and, more specifically, about how children travel in cars and how to improve their safety.

Conference program

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