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Data from 2016 continues to be alarming: 3 out of the 18 children under 12 years old that died when traveling in a car or van were not using a child car seat or a seat belt

2016 data continues to be alarming


Up until now we had only been aware of 24-hour 2016 data on intercity roads. The Department of Traffic (DGT) has now provided the 30-day accident rate final figures for 2016 which also take into account accidents occurring in urban areas. Generally speaking, there has been an increase in fatal accidents, particularly in cities. In the case of children, the number of child fatalities due to a child car seat not being used has notably improved.

In 2015, 4 out of the 15 children under the age of 12 that died while traveling in cars or vans were not using any kind of child restraint system or seat belt. Data from 2016 shows that there has been no improvement in this respect: 3 out of the 18 children under 12 years old that died while traveling in a car or van were also not using a seat belt or a child car seat.

We have come up with a comprehensive picture of how child road accident rates have progressed during the last few years with the  ‘Panorama of children's road safety in cars in Spain ( 1990-2015)’ report (Spanish) prepared by Fundación MAPFRE.

Taking stock of the 2016 accident rate, the DGT data indicates that during 2016 1810 people died in traffic accidents on urban and intercity roads (an increase of 7%) and 9755 of those injured required hospitalization.

Accidents onurban roads are where the biggest increase in casualties, compared with 2015, has been recorded. There has been an increase of 18%, with 78 fatalities more than the previous year being registered. On intercity roads there has been a 3% increase (43 more fatalities).

Five people die every day in Spain in traffic accidents.

Unfortunately it is still not the case that everyone wears their seat belt when traveling in their vehicles. This is seen in the fact that 23% of those that died who were over the age of 12 who were traveling in a car or van were not using a seat belt at the time of the accident (187 of the 805 fatalities in this kind of vehicle).

Although we still do not have detailed data per age of these fatalities, the highest levels of fatalities in traffic accidents have been found to be persons between the ages of 35 and 64 years old, given that they make up 46% of the total deaths.

Generally speaking, there has been an increase in fatalities, compared with the previous year, for those between the ages of 15 and 24 years old and between 35 and 64 years old, and those over 85.

In the case of those injured who required hospitalization, the highest number can be seen in the age range from 15 to 54.

In ‘Children's Road Safety’, Fundación MAPFRE's Prevention and Road Safety Area, we will continue to dig deep into this data in order to arrive at a clearer picture of child road accident rates in Spain.

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