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5 steps to know if you are installing your seat correctly


Installing the child car seat correctly is even more important than buying the best one on the market. It is essential that the seat remain well fastened and that it cannot move or be loosened in the event of an accident to ensure its optimum protective qualities, but other factors must be taken into consideration when correctly installing the CRS.

Thanks to the help of Safe Kids Worldwide, below, we briefly review the key points for installing child car seats, which you must heed fully before driving with your children in the car.

1- Which child car seat should I choose?

For children that are less than 135 centimeters tall, it is mandatory to use Child Restraint Systems, but not just anyone will do. You must choose the seat that adjusts to the height and weight of your child, from among all the options on the market.

2- Where do I put the child car seat?

Since October 1, 2015, by general rule, children up to 12 years of age must travel with their child car seat placed in the back seat (in the back middle seat if possible, for added safety). Children may only sit in the front seat with their CRS if the vehicle does not have back seats or if they are already occupied by other children.

3- In what direction do I have to place the child car seat?

If the height of the child allows, place the child car seat facing backward, until the child is approximately two years old. It is proven that this placement is safer in the event of a collision. Starting when the seat must face forward, it is even more important to ensure that the child car seat is perfectly fastened.

4- Is the child car seat well-fastened?

A simple test will suffice to make sure that the Child Restraint System is correctly installed. It is known as the thumb test (or the 2.5 centimeter test). Once the seat is in place, try to move the base and if it does not move more than 2.5 centimeters, it is because you have done a good job.

5- Are the harnesses correctly placed?

Lastly, before undertaking the procedure, you must ensure that you have placed the seat belt correctly on the child car seat so that it remains well fastened in its place. Pass the seat belt through the key points on the CRS structure and ensure that the harness fastened to the child is very snug so that their body remains perfectly protected in the event of an accident.

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