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We take part in the 17th Congress of the Spanish Federation of Midwives Associations (FAME)

Participamos en el XVII Congreso de la Federación de Asociaciones de Matronas de España


Midwives provide comprehensive reproductive, sexual and maternal health care for women and have the important task of offering health education and advice, not only to the women, but also to the family and the wider community.

At the 2nd APROMAP Congress and the 17th Congress of the Spanish Federation of Midwives Associations (FAME) they will cover topics related to health, child safety and pregnant women. We want to be there to highlight the importance of using child restraint systems properly and to present the new collaboration agreement we have entered into with the Spanish Federation of Midwives Associations (FAME).

Midwifes are the health professionals closest to a women when she is pregnant and caring for children right from birth. They offer all their experience and knowledge regarding how to take care of and transport babies and young children. They are the people best prepared to raise awareness about the benefits of a good child restraint system, the need to use it all the time and how to install it.

We want midwives to pass their knowledge of Road Safety on to others. By means of our collaboration with the Associations, a series of attendance-based courses are going to be held in collaboration with Dorel, comprised of 35 talks in total, aimed at approximately 4000 midwifes.

In order to complete this training, this group will be provided with an online course called “Bebés y niños seguros en el coche" (Babies and children safe in the car), which will be taught through the National Distance Learning University (UNED) . This course is designed to provide information and training on the most important young children's road safety aspects.

More than 400,000 copies of the “Bebés y niños seguros en el coche”  guide are going to be distributed in the hampers that Present Service will provide to Health Centres and hospitals throughout Spain. In addition, the specialized magazine “Mi bebé y yo” (My Baby and I) will also distribute the guide to Spanish hospitals and health centers.

At Fundación MAPFRE we work to encourage training of parents so that together we can prevent children from being injured through the incorrect use of child restraint systems.

If you want to find out more about this topic you can take a look at our Guide for parents on how to prevent unintentional injuries in young children or sign up to the Babies and Children safe in the car course.

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