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9 things to take with you in the car in case of emergency


Also as our children grow up we tend to be less cautious or in other words, as we are often in a hurry we can sometimes forget about the little things which if we remember to take with us can save any upset or mishap occurring.

We should think about this as our survival kit to help us during those times that things go wrong.

It should consist of:

- A bottle of water

- Arnidol or something similar for small knocks

- A change of clothes in case of “accidents” or to make sure they don’t get cold after a sweat

- Wet wipes

- Paper towel

- A facecloth (to clean up after a bout of car sickness)

- Some toys or something to keep them entertained

- Vaseline to protect their lips

- Sticking plasters for small injuries

As you can see, most of these are sensible things, which no doubt you carry with you anyway, others are things, which you haven’t thought of taking with you but could be very useful. Usually things happen on a holiday when the shops are closed making things more difficult than you imagined. All these things take up very little room. They can be easily be kept together and stored in an old backpack. Keep it in the trunk of the car (it doesn’t need to be inside the car, you can always stop should anything happen), and for sure you will be grateful that you remembered to take it with you.

Of course, this is only a suggestion, because nobody knows better than you what your child may need, including things that we may not have mentioned here.

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