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News about child road safety

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Does you child spend more time outside on the street in the summer? Basic concepts for their safety

With the arrival of summer, children tend to spend more time on the street. We offer some safety advice

A total of 52 children died of heatstroke in the car in the United States

Prevent heatstroke in cars

Is using a child car seat compulsory in your vacation destination? Responsibility comes first

We discuss the importance of using child restraint systems even if it is not compulsory in the country

How should children travel once we have reached our destination spot?

This is how children should travel in their destination spot this summer

Prepare your trip this summer with children by following these ten steps

Follow these steps to prepare for a long journey with children

Can I use my child car seat on other types of transportation?

Can I use a child restraint system on other forms of transport such as buses or trains?

Everything you need to know about safe journeys by car for a mother and her newborn baby

Important advice for mothers and newborn babies on car journeys

Road safety for children: challenges and achievements in order to get to 'Goal Zero'

We cover children's traffic accidents globally, and within the European Union and Spain. What has been achieved and what are the future challenges?

Is this your first long journey with children during the summer? Don't miss these safety tips

We offer you a series of recommendations for your first long journey with children in summer.

Mejor #acontramarcha, a social network initiative to support the use of rear-facing child seats

Have you heard about #acontramarcha? It's a social network initiative to promote the use of rear-facing child restraint systems in cars.

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