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News about child road safety

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Are you planning to buy a car seat on the internet? You should make sure that you take all of the following into account

Do you know what you need to be aware of when purchasing a child restraint system online?

One in five Spaniards thinks that pregnant women do not have to wear seat belts

Learn about the importance of wearing a seat belt during pregnancy

Infographic: Prevent items from crashing into you inside your vehicle

An infographic demonstrates why we should not have loose items inside the vehicle as they could crash into us

Advice for safe family travel

Recommendations for traveling with children by car as a family

Questions a retailer should clear up for you when the time comes to purchase your child car seat

Questions and answers to be cleared up by your retailer when purchasing a child restraint system

What kinds of rear-facing car seats are available on the market?

We take a look at the different types of rear-facing child car seats

A device has been designed which warns parents if their child has unfastened themselves from their child car seat

There are increasingly more systems on the market which focus on the safety of young children on the roads.

What is the difference between a side and front airbag? Why is it better for children to travel on the rear seats?

How do airbags affect small children's safety?

Is it a good idea for children to be eating when they are in their child car seat?

We discuss how important it is to be vigilant when allowing children to eat in their child car seat

How should a child travel by RV

Advice on traveling in an RV with children

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