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News about child road safety

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Why should children travel in a rear-facing position for as long as possible?

We discuss why children should travel in a rear-facing child seat on car trips for as long as possible

What kinds of objects should children not be using in the car?

We list the objects that can be dangerous for children to have inside the vehicle

Mobile apps that can help remind us not to leave children alone in the car

Learn about mobile phone apps that can prevent us from leaving children alone in the car

My child weighs more than 36 kg. How should he or she be traveling by car?

What kind of child restraint system should children weighing more than 36 kg use?

Are seat belt adjusters safe for children?

We discuss how safe seat belt adjusters for children are

Why does a Top Tether make all the difference?

How can teachers influence the road safety of young children?

Evolution of road accident rates in the last few years

We analyze children's road accidents over the last ten years

Should reminder sensors in child car seats be compulsory? Italy takes the first steps in studying the measures

Italy will make it compulsory to use sensors in order not to forget your child is in the car

10 tips for transporting children around the city safely

Recommendations for safe transportation of young children around cities

Infographic: This is how a child should be properly secured in a child car seat

Learn how to properly secure a child in a child restraint systems with these infographics

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