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News about child road safety

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Large families: What is the best way to travel by car?

Do you have a large family? Here you will find advice on how to ensure that all your children can travel safely by car

How are children required to travel in Brazil?

Find out how children are required to travel by car in Brazil

When should you disable the front passenger airbag, and how do you do it?

Here we discuss when the front passenger airbag should be disabled and how to do it

What you should be doing this Easter when traveling with children?

We offer a series of tips on traveling safely with children over Easter week.

In Easter Week, how should we be traveling on different types of transport with a newborn baby

How should we travel with a newborn baby on different types of transport during Easter Week?

The Department of Traffic (DGT) finds 240 children under the age of 12 without a child car seat in only one week

The DGT's campaign has ended with the discovery of 240 minors without a child seat.

What might be the consequences of not using a booster cushion when necessary?

What happens the seat belt is used on its own when the child should be traveling with a booster cushion?

All you need to know about traveling with your child by car in Mexico

Find out what the law says about children's road safety in Mexico.

Three hours of mandatory children's road safety for carers responsible for transporting children in Nebraska

What are the implications of traveling with a child wearing an overcoat in a child restraint system?

A new possibility of traveling with three car seats on the back seat

Is there any way of traveling with three children in child seats in the back of the vehicle? A new system makes it possible.

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