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News about child road safety

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Second edition of the UNED and Fundación MAPFRE course: 'Infant and child safety in cars'

New course on child road safety online by UNED and Fundación MAPFRE

How do you prevent children's heads falling forward if they go to sleep in the child seat during long journeys?

Advice for avoiding your child's head falling forwards when traveling in a child restraint system.

What should we take into account when going on trips with children in order to ensure their safety?

Advice for trips with children

What precautions should young children be taking when using electric scooters?

Safety advice for children using electric scooters

How should a newborn baby travel in different forms of transport?

Recommendations for how a newborn baby should travel on different means of transport

Advice on traveling with children by airplane

Recommendations for very young children traveling by airplane

Can my car be immobilized if I am traveling with a child who is not in a child car seat?

Traffic officers can immobilize a vehicle if the children are traveling without child restraint systems

Products that can help us on our car journeys during the summer

We take a look at some products which will be helpful for trips with children this summer

What should the first-aid kit we take on our car journeys include?

What should a first-aid kit for journeys by car include?

What can I do to ensure my child is not too hot in their child car seat this summer

Advice on how to prevent our child from suffering from the heat in their child restraint system on journeys this summer

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