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News about child road safety

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Too cold? This is what the temperature inside the vehicle should be like for both the driver and for children

What should the temperature be like inside the car if we are traveling with children?

Find out all the news about booster safety seats their standardization under the R-129

News about the booster seats under R-129

What is the difference between a taxi as a public vehicle and VTC in relation to the transportation of children?

Road traffic child safety in VTC vehicles

Road safety education, the key to reducing road accidents in Europe and improving mobility

Study ‘Fundamental principles of road safety and mobility education.’.

Is there a system that prevents a child from removing their seatbelt and is safe?

Can any system be used to prevent a child from removing his seatbelt?

Montevideo also issues fines for not using child restraint systems

Learn about the legislative changes regarding child car seats in Montevideo

What is PESRI, the child restraint system assessment program for Latin America and the Caribbean?

Find out about PESRI

Does your child walk to school on their own? Make sure they don't make these mistakes

Make sure that your child doesn't make these mistakes when walking to school on their own

New challenges posed by self-driving cars

Challenges of self-driving cars

Infographic: This is how a child should be traveling over the course of their lifetime

How should a child travel over the course of their life?

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