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News about child road safety

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As a child grows they are less and less willing to use a CRS. What can we do about this?

What can parents do to encourage their children to use child car seats?

Children on bicycles: advice on how to ensure they ride safely

Tips for helping children ride safely by bicycle both as passengers and as cyclists

A child should not be wearing a backpack when traveling by car

Can a child be seated in a child car seat with their backpack on?

The Department of Traffic detects 161 minors in a week without a child restraint system

See the results of the DGT's special surveillance campaign to promote awareness of seat belts and child restraint systems

The Torrejón Police are using child car seats in their patrol cars in order to transport the children of victims of gender-based violence

The Family Unit of the Torrejón de Ardoz Local Police now have 10 child restraint systems for transporting the children of women who have experienced gender-based violence.

Learn about swivel systems in child car seats

What do we use a swivel system for in a CRS?

Is it dangerous for a child to travel in a rear-facing CRS with their legs bent?

Can children travel in rear-facing child car seats with their legs bent?

Are devices which adapt seat belts for pregnant women safe?

Correctly positioning the seat belt when a woman is pregnant is extremely important for the safety of both the mother and the baby. Are devices which adapt seat belts for pregnant women safe?

The importance of approval standards in order to have high-quality seats and minimum safety standards

Why is it important for child restraint systems to be approved?

The past, present and future of rear-facing child seats

We look at the past, present and future of rear-facing child restraint systems

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