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News about child road safety

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Most accidents occur when getting on or off school transport

Exercising caution when using school transport

The dangers children face on roads around the world

Learn about the road safety dangers children from around the world have to face

Advice on how to choose the most suitable rear-facing child car seat

Recommendations on how to choose a rear-facing child car seat

Rear-facing Day: Why is it so important for children to travel in rear-facing child car seats?

The 1st Rear-facing Day has been held in order to address the importance of child restraint systems which enable children to travel in a rear-facing position.

Mobile apps that can help remind us not to leave children alone in the car

Learn about mobile phone apps that can prevent us from leaving children alone in the car

My child weighs more than 36 kg. How should he or she be traveling by car?

What kind of child restraint system should children weighing more than 36 kg use?

What is the best way to travel by car with three children each using a CRS?

Advice on the best way to travel by car with three children that need child car seats

Is children's road safety being taken into account when designing self-driving cars?

Children's road safety in self-driving cars

Road accidents are the leading cause of death for children and young people between the ages of 5 and 29 years old, according to the WHO

Children's road safety around the world

Physiotherapists highlight the importance of headrests for child car seats

Safety recommendations for children's road safety from physiotherapists

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