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News about child road safety

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Find out about the #EveryLife campaign rolled out to reduce road accident rates

Learn about the #Everylife campaign to reduce children's road accident rates

When are children ready to go to school on their own?

When can children go to school on their own?

Child car seats on sale in Latin America and the Caribbean are subject to safety tests

Learn about the Latin American Child Restraint System Assessment Program (PERSI)

How children are required to travel in Argentina

Find out how children are required to travel by car in Argentina to ensure their safety

Why should we use rear-facing child car seats and up until what age?

Up until what point should we be using a rear-facing CRS? Here are all the key points

Where do children suffer the worst consequences in road accidents: on intercity or innercity roads?

We analyze children's accident rates according to the type of road

Why is it better for children to travel on the rear seats? Here are the benefits

Do you know what the benefits of seating children on the car's rear seats are?

What have been the most important pieces of news in 2017 about children's road safety?

We cover the main news in 2017 on children's road safety.

Children's road safety must be a top priority during Christmas car journeys

Advice for your trips this Christmas.

Will you be traveling abroad this Christmas? Find out how young children shoud be traveling safely

How should children travel by car if you are going to Latin America, the United States or Europe this Christmas?

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