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News about child road safety

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Should all school buses be equipped with seat belts and the alcolock system?

The importance of seat belts on school transport and the alcolock system on buses

Can some child car seats contain toxic elements for children?

Contaminating substances tests that child restraint systems should undergo

What measures can countries take to improve children's road safety?

Actions that countries can take to improve children's road accident rates

Learn about the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for traveling by car with children

Challenges to set ourselves for the New Year ahead

New Year's challenges and resolutions

Challenges to set ourselves for the New Year ahead

Children's road safety gifts to buy this Christmas

Tips and ideas for Christmas gifts which prioritize children's road safety

Why is it a good idea to gift someone a rear-facing child seat this Christmas and what should we keep in mind?

Reasons why buying someone a rear-facing child car this Christmas is a good idea

Advice on how to travel by car with young children on snowy days

Recommendations for traveling with children in vehicles in snowy conditions

Trips by car in the rain: What to avoid when traveling with children

What to avoid doing when traveling in the rain with children

Are you preparing for your trips with children this Christmas?

Follow this advice for your Christmas trips by car, airplane, motorbike, train or bus

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