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Is it time to check that your car seat is still suitable for your child? Do it by following these simple steps

¿Ha llegado el momento de revisar que la sillita de coche sigue siendo la adecuada? Hazlo siguiendo estos sencillos pasos


Do you think the child restraint system you are using is too small for your child? Have you been using it for more than six years? Do you suspect that it has served its purpose and that your child needs to upgrade to a larger CRS? It is important to regularly check that your child restraint system is still the most appropriate and guarantees the highest level of safety. 

We periodically check our vehicle. This is something we continually remind you of because it is so important, both for our long-distance journeys and for the short trips we make every day, like going to work or taking our children to and from school, for example. It is equally important to check that the child restraint system is in good condition and correctly installed

Going back to school is a good reminder of how important it is to check the child restraint system periodically. We need to get everything ready for the start of the school year and having the perfect car seat should also be on our list of things to consider. 

How do you know if the child seat is still suitable?

-Check that the child is still within the weight and height indicated by the car seat manufacturer. This can be checked on the label of the child seat or in the manual. You should also consider that age cannot be the determining factor when deciding if the child seat is suitable or not. It can be a guiding factor but never the determining one. Two children of the same age  do not necessarily have the same measurements. 

-The harness is too small or the child's head protrudes beyond the maximum height of the seat's headrest. These are two clues that the car seat is already too small. 

Check that the child restraint system is in good condition. Be aware that if it has been used intensively, some of its parts may be worn. Equally, the summer, the sun and the heat can alter the condition of the principal parts. Of course, if you have been involved in a traffic accident or sudden braking, the internal components may also be damaged. Many manufacturers recommend replacing the seat once it is over six years old or has been involved in an accident with an impact speed of over 10-20 km/h.

-Make sure you check the isofix anchors, if present, and other systems such as the Support Leg or Top Tether. All these elements are key to guaranteeing the proper functioning of the child seat. In this infographic we discuss the different parts of a child restraint system. Also check that the harness is not broken or frayed. In this sense, when using the seat belt, the points through which it must pass should also be in good condition.

In this infographic we list the factors that should be taken into account when deciding whether to change your car seat:


If, once we have reviewed all these points, you realise that it is the perfect time to change your child restraint system, here are some tips on how to upgrade and choose the right replacement. In addition, this infographic shows the points to bear in mind:

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