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Towards Better Mobility: Sustainable-Healthy-Safe

Hacia una Movilidad 3S: Segura, Sana y Sostenible


With the aim of raising public awareness of the consequences of car use in the city and promoting other safer, healthier and more sustainable ways of getting around, European Mobility Week (EMW), is once again being held from September 16 to 22. With the support of the European Commission, throughout the year but especially over these days, the aim is to promote more sustainable behavior in terms of mobility, highlighting the benefits of using less polluting modes of transport such as cycling, walking or public transport rather than using private cars. At Fundación MAPFRE we advocate for Better Mobility: sustainable, healthy and safe. Will you join us?

This year the European Commission has put the focus on both physical and mental health. Under the slogan "Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility" it focuses on the way we move around in our towns and cities. 

Fundación MAPFRE is promoting this  better mobility through an extensive campaign. To raise awareness of this more responsible and respectful mobility in Spain, various face-to-face activities are being carried out in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Bilbao. An exciting event is also being organized in Portugal. 

The way we move around has changed a lot in recent years with the proliferation of personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) and the growing importance of bicycles in cities. All this has led to changes in mobility, risks, behavior... everything has been modified. With the aim of helping you to ride a scooter safely, Fundación MAPFRE and RACC have created the specific campaign "If you do it well, everything goes well":

What better day to demonstrate this commitment to better mobility than September 22, Car Free Day? A great opportunity to address the problems associated with increased traffic in cities, discuss the benefits of cycling and propose and promote these new, safer, healthier and more sustainable forms of mobility. 

Fundación MAPFRE, national liaison for the European Road Safety Charter, invites you to reflect on the forms of mobility available and how we can improve them to achieve a better place to live and move around both safely and healthily. Find tips and ideas in our Better Mobility Handbook.


Indeed, the Virtual Training Bike project from Fundación MAPFRE has been awarded the "Muévete Verde" [Go Green] prize in the Sustainable Mobility Promotion category by Madrid City Council. This is an innovative proposal in which, through simulators based on 360 videos, users can practice and experience what it is like to ride a bike in the city. In this way, it promotes the use of bicycles as an ecological and healthy mode of transport and helps users to learn how to ride safely.

This project is part of Eccentric-Civitas, an initiative of the European Union within its Horizon 2020 research framework program, promoting healthier, sustainable and cleaner transport in cities, through innovative measures to improve sustainable mobility.

Together we can achieve Better Mobility. Will you join us?


Are you someone who cycles for more sustainable mobility? This weekend, from September 18 to 19, don't miss the activity that Fundación MAPFRE is organizing in Luís de Camões Square (Lisbon), in Portugal, at 7:30 pm.

Under the slogan 'Pedaleando por la sostenibilidad da jugo' [Pedaling for sustainability makes juice] we invite you all to exercise and pedal for better mobility. Pedaling on a exercise bike with the best views of Lisbon, we will be making juice, as the bike generates energy to power a fruit juicer. 

Attendees will not only get a glass (eco-sustainable and recyclable, of course) of freshly squeezed juice, but also contribute to reforestation, as Fundación MAPFRE is committed to planting a tree for every 10 glasses of juice generated by pedaling. Do you want to pedal for a good cause?


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