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Advice for a safe return home

Teaching Road Safety: best within the family


This operation is designed to maintain the fluid movement of road users while ensuring their safety, thanks to various initiatives such as the addition of extra lanes, the restriction of commercial vehicles, the suspension of road works, additional alternative routes, drug and alcohol checkpoints and speed restrictions.

The Child Road Safety Group at MAPFRE FOUNDATION offer a few tips to make your journey home from the summer vacation safer and more pleasant:

  • Never forget that you must always use a seatbelt and a child Restraining System suitable for the size and weight of your child.
  • Always comply with the traffic regulations and respect any directions given by police officers. Regulate your speed according to the road conditions, the weather and the amount of traffic. Keep a safe distance to avoid accidents and always keep to the right whenever possible.
  • Avoid distractions and do not use your GPS system or your mobile phone whilst driving and to avoid these distractions install the DRIVEMESAFE App.
  • Make sure your car is serviced and if not get it checked by a garage before setting off. This info graphic shows you the most important points to check before leaving.
  • Work out the best route before leaving and any incidents that may have occurred using an app such as ours or one of those found on DGT website.
  • Take a break every two hours to avoid tiredness and have a drink and something to eat, although not so much to cause sleepiness. Naturally avoid alcohol whenever you are driving.

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