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Advice for traveling by car with young children on snowy days

Consejos para viajar en coche con los más pequeños en días de nieve


During this pre-Christmas season, we might be thinking about taking a small trip to the snow. Traveling by car with children to the snow is an enjoyable adventure for everyone but it is important to follow a series of precautions in order to be able to fully enjoy the trip.

Just like in any other situation, all passengers must be sitting properly and with their seat belts or harnesses fastened, and children should be traveling inchild restraint systems which are suitable for their size and weight, correctly fastened and snugly fitting. 

The car'sclimate control is very important. Although we are traveling to the snow we should be careful not to overheat the car and make the passengers uncomfortable. Winter clothing already keeps us quite warm and it is also never a good idea to experience a drastic temperature change when getting out of the vehicle. It is also important for young children to be well-hydrated.


Driving in the snow should be done cautiously and carefully and at an increased safety distance from the vehicles ahead. We should anticipate any possible eventuality and drive in higher gears, braking extremely gently and without making any sudden maneuvers.

We should ensure that we have maximum visibility under these driving conditions, by cleaning the windows and especially the windscreen but of course not forgetting all the car windows in general), the wing mirrors and the headlights and rear lights. It is important to see and be seen.

If we need to brake we should use the engine brake and, if necessary, we will brake very gently to avoid blocking the wheels, and also to avoid activating the ABS, as this could considerably lengthen the braking distance.

We should always take either the traditional or modern snow chains with us in the car. If we have winter tires there is no need to use snow chains. Other important precautions to take when driving in the snow can be quickly summarized as follows:

  • We should have a full tank of gas and mobile phones should be fully charged in case we need to call for assistance or help.
  • As well as having enough water, we should also take easy to carry food such as biscuits, nuts, fruit, etc.
  • We should have enough blankets and extra warm clothing in case we need to spend time in the car.

When traveling to the snow as a family we have to take extra precautions, given that it increases the risks on the road. And with children, we should be more careful than ever.

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