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At what age can children travel in the front passenger seat?


For this reason we must examine this topic, one where we find that many parents asking about the importance of road safety for their children when travelling by car.
One of the things that worries parents, is allowing their children to sit in the front passenger seat when the want to. Naturally the idea of travelling in the front with their parents is exciting for children; this is just the time for them to show you that they are old enough to use a booster seat.
This is a common discussion with an easy answer, that at first appears to be simple but how often have we seen children in the front passenger seat that were far too small.
So, for the safety of all, we are going to have a closer look at this.

At what age can children travel in the front seat

The answer is easy and quick; legally they can use the front passenger seat from 12 years of age, always using an adult seatbelt.
Apart from in exceptional circumstances such as the child reaching 135cms in height before reaching 12 years of age and being big enough to use the seatbelt properly.
Another exception for a child under 12 being in the front seat is when using an approved child seat although it is still better to use the back seats.
And last of all, there is one other situation that a child can travel in the front seat and that is when the vehicle only has two seats. Should this be the case then you must use the previously explained regulations. (The use of a child restraining system suitable for the child’s age).

Children in the front seat-Advice
Following are our recommendations for on child road safety for children using the front seat, a long or short journey you must always exercise extreme caution.

  • Many times when making a short trip in the car, children will ask if they can sit in the front. Sometimes parents say yes since they aren’t going far, thinking that nothing bad can happen in such a short time. The reality is many serious injuries happen on short trips very close to home. It is therefore fundamental that children fulfill all the legal requisites before ever travelling in the front seat.

  • Should the situation arise where the child wants to sit in the front on along journey, we would advise you to say no and that every family member remains in their seat. 

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