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An app that tells you when your children arrive at school


Walking to school encourages autonomy and helps your children lead a healthy life style, while having fun with their friends. And if the walk is in organized walking buses, you can rest assured that they are supervised by an adult. But you may still worry about whether they arrived safely, on time and without mishaps. If you do worry, a free app called Trazeo is the solution for you: you get a message on your cell phone when your children arrive at school.

Developed by a group of young people in Cordoba, the app is aimed at organizing walking buses; these may be public (organized by the town council, school, etc.) or private (created by families). All supervisors and children are entered into the application (young children do not need to carry a cell phone). When the group arrives at school, the adult supervisor sends the children's parents a message letting them know that their children are no longer supervised by him/her.

Trazeo not only lets you know when your children arrive at school but also when they joined the walking bus. "As the children join the bus (they may all meet at the same place or as they get closer to the school), the supervisor records their presence using the mobile app. When the supervisor enters a child into the app, the child's parent is notified" – this explanation can be read on the app's website. When the walk ends, parents also receive an email with the distance their children walked, any stops they made and the time it took for them to arrive at school.

Using geolocation, the app is able to record the presence and distance children have walked. This information can be used to encourage participation by utilizing gamification: children earn points which can be exchanged for prizes. Parents and teachers themselves may design individual and group challenges provided that they find resources for the list of prizes.

Compatible with Android devices only, Trazeo requires that parents register themselves and their children online or via the mobile app. Their information cannot be accessed by any other user, only the parents.

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