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Do you want to see if you are a good driver? The “Drive smart” app scores you at the end of every trip

Do you want to see if you are a good driver?  The “Drive smart” app scores you at the end of every trip


It scores you out of 100 to give you a true idea of how well you are driving.
The idea of this educational cell phone app is, created by Antonio Polo and Ian Alexander it to provide the user with a tool for responsible drivers wishing to reduce road accidents. So apart from pointing out mistakes made it works as a personal coaching tool offering tailored advice to help you correct them. How does it do it?  Drive Smart uses GPS technology to highlight the incidence within a set of parameters such as your speed, braking, cornering and turning. Using this data it analyses the way you brake, your reaction on arriving at a junction or how you deal with incidents that you may encounter along the way. Once the car stops it performs a complete diagnostic check and scores your driving.
What really gets your attention is that the app not only gives a report but it gives recommendations developed by the Professorship of Road Safety at the University of Valencia. If for example the system notices excess in speed, it reminds you that as well as lowering your score it fines you 500 points too.

At the moment the app makes no reference to passengers or their safety but using it when driving can make us more aware of the importance of abiding by the law and following the regulations to reduce risk. Those regulations include always ensuring that our passengers are safe, especially when children, who need our supervision to ensure they are correctly buckled in to child seats or onto booster seat with an adult seatbelt. In conclusion Smart drive is a tool that could be very useful especially to new drivers who need to build confidence and improve safety. If you would like to try it, download it today to your smartphone. It is free on Apple and Android.
At MAPFRE FOUNDATION we advise you to ONLY use apps while driving that help with safe driving and NEVER those that might cause distraction. To avoid distractions always apply the maxim “engine started - telephone off”, or alternatively switch the phone to “driving” as you would on an aircraft, if it has the feature. Better to answer a call late than never.

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