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This is how temperatures rise in a parked car: it is vital that you do not leave children alone inside the car

Así sube la temperatura en un coche estacionado: evitar dejar a los niños dentro es vital


Temperatures rise considerably during the summer months. Leaving a child alone inside a vehicle can be extremely dangerous and can even lead to their death. Well aware of this problem, Fundación MAPFRE, in collaboration with the Spanish Pediatric Association, have seen for themselves how the temperature inside a car parked in the sun can skyrocket, in their information kit entitled ‘Children in cars and infant heat stroke’.

Firstly, we should take into account that the temperature the inside of the vehicle can reach depends on a number of factors such as thermal insulation, the outside temperature, if the sun's rays are beating down on the car directly and the amount of time the car has been out in the sun. 

In order to draft the report, a medium-sized vehicle was used, which was exposed to sunlight. Thanks to these tests, a series of conclusions were reached.

  • With an ambient temperature of 29ºC, the temperature inside the car can rise by almost 20ºC in the first 45 minutes of exposure.
  • With an ambient temperature of 39ºC, there are areas inside the car where the temperature can reach up to 70ºC.
  • Inside the vehicle, depending on the height of the car, the temperature can vary by 13ºC.
  • In two and a half hours, without ventilation, the temperature inside the vehicle will be 88% higher than outside it.
  • If the car is exposed to 30 minutes of sun, with an outside temperature of 30ºC, the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 50ºC at the height of the child's head.

Therefore, it can be asserted that in only 10 minutes and with a temperature of 25 degrees outside, a child can suffer from heat stroke inside the car. This infographic shows the temperature a car exposed to sunlight reaches:

700-vehiculo expuesto a la luz solar.jpg

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