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Using the Babyled system so that drivers are more careful on the roads when there are children in child car seats

Using the Babyled system so that drivers are more careful on the roads when there are children in child car seats


Of course we should always be vigilant when driving on the highways. Nevertheless we are all instinctively more protective of children. Knowing this, lots of drivers use the well-known ’baby on board' sticker to alert other drivers to the presence of young children in the vehicle. However, sometimes the sticker can go unnoticed and is not given the attention it deserves.

A triangle-shaped sign with the phrase ‘baby on board’ lets us know that one or more children are traveling in the vehicle. Since we know that being aware of this fact can have an impact on other drivers' behavior, the Babyled product came into being.

It is a luminous warning sign that works as a children's road safety and accident prevention system since it alerts other drivers to the presence of children in the vehicle. This safety triangle only lights up when a child is in the car's child car seat. It does not light up if there is no child.

The goal of this system is to work as a psychological motivation for the driver, in order that, because of natural instincts, he or she will change how they drive and be more responsible, thus increasing the stoppping distance, decreasing speed and avoding dangerous maneuvers.

Moreover, pointing out the presence of a child on board also serves as a reminder of the fact that we should not forget we have children in the vehicle, something which is especially dangerous on the hottest days of the year. (Remember that only 10 minutes inside a vehicle, and with an outside temperature of around 25ºC, can cause heatstroke in small children).

The system comprises of two devices. A mat which is located on the child restraint system and which uses button cells to active a sensor and an LED triangle which is placed in a prominent place on the rear part of the car with a silicone adhesive. There are no cables or remote controls. When the child puts its weight on the mat, the triangle automatically lights up and stays on until the child gets out of the child car seat.

The manufacturer states that 'there are no electric waves or frequencies that could be damaging to the child' and all the 'components are approved and certified as harmless'. It does use batteries, which have approximately 60 hours of use. They should be checked from time to time to make sure they are still working.

Bear in mind that it can be seen both day and night, and even if the vehicle has tinted windows.

The manufacturer's, Patrimi Innovación, are Spanish and are CE-certified. Given that this is a relatively new product on the market, it is always possible that the traffic police could question you about this. In this situation, the company advises you to show them the certificate that comes with the product's packaging.

In this video we will see how the system works:

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