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Would you like to be a part of the "Objective Zero Bike Accidents"? Do it #SIEMPREEQUIPADO

Would you like to be a part of the


Fundación MAPFRE has launched a new initiative as part of its "Objective Zero" awareness-raising program. To reduce road accidents involving bikes, it has launched the "Zero Bike Accidents" initiative, an action that began in Pamplona and that will be carried out the entire month of June across different points of Spain.

During 2016, "Objective Zero" focuses on five factors to prevent traffic accidents. June focuses on bicycles, wearing a helmet, and how to prevent and avoid accidents.

Approximately 4 million citizens ride a bike every day, according to the Cycling Barometer (2015), an increase of nine points compared with the most recent barometer from 2011. In 2015, 42 cyclists lost their lives on inter-city roads. In the first five months of this year alone, 11 cyclists have already died.

With the objective of reducing road accidents for this group, Fundación MAPFRE will travel through a large part of Spain to highlight bicycle use and the need to be responsible on the road. After visiting Pamplona and Vitoria, the action will travel to Bilbao on June 20 and 21 (Calle Bailén-Puente del Arenal), Santander on June 22 and 23 (Plaza de Velarde), Oviedo on June 27 and 28 (Plaza de la Escandalera) and Burgos on June 29 and 30 (Paseo del Espolón).

Attendees will receive an educational guide with recommendations and advice for making our city a safer place. Furthermore, the public will be encouraged to get onto a Fundación MAPFRE bike and properly equip themselves to take photos and upload them to social networks with the hashtag #SIEMPREEQUIPADO.

We can achieve "Zero Bike Accidents" by adhering to some basic guidelines on how to correctly use a bike lane, respect all traffic rules and signs, wear fluorescent colors during the day and reflectors at night, or fasten the helmet properly.
Just for joining the challenge, you can win motorcycle helmets, bicycle safety kits, emergency/multipurpose flashlights, first aid kits for the car and hand luggage sets. There will also be a drawing among all participants for a magnificent electrical bike at the end of the year.

Head injuries are the cause of approximately three-fourths of all deaths of cyclists, according to the ‘Bicycle Helmet’ study. In fact, according to different estimates, helmets can reduce between 42 and 88 percent of all serious head injuries (scalp and cranium) and for cyclists of all ages.

For this reason, it is currently mandatory for minors under 16 to wear a helmet when cycling, whether in the city or on the open road. Cyclists over the age of 16 are not obligated to wear a helmet in the city, though the obligation remains in effect on the open road. However, it is preferable to wear it at all times. First, we will be better protected while, second, we set a good example for our children, who must always wear a helmet.

Whenever children ride a bike, they must be visible, wear light-colored and reflective clothing. Review the safety rules with your children and, whenever possible, use the bike lanes, where the danger of coming across other vehicles is less likely.

If we are riding the bike and our child is the passenger, that child must also wear a helmet (always approved). Remember that if the bicycle has a single seat, you may only carry a child up to the age of 7 as a passenger.

It is important that, if we transport a child with us on a bike, that the child is seated in an additional, approved seat. Before starting the journey, make sure that the system is properly attached to the bike and that the child is properly fastened as well. The most common is a rear seat placed upon the luggage rack, though front seats are also available. As regards the possibility of pulling children in trailers, national legislation prohibits their use outside of the city for the transport of people. However, refer to the corresponding municipal ordinances for what is permitted in the locality.

We must always travel safely, using the corresponding lights, reflectors and making ourselves visible, riding in the lanes reserved for this purpose and obeying traffic rules.

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