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Subsidies for purchasing rear-facing child seats? Somewhere is already offering them

Subsidies for purchasing rear-facing child seats? Somewhere is already offering them


On many occasions we have spoken about the numerous benefits of traveling with infants in rear-facing child restraint systems (CRS) for the longest possible period of time. With this in mind, Bimenes, a local council in the autonomous community of Asturias, has become the first Spanish council to offer grants for these types of car seat to parents of children born in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

According to a newspaper report in La Nueva España, it is a measure still awaiting budget approval. Nevertheless, it has already been announced that an amount has been set aside to subsidize the purchase of rear-facing child restraint systems for children up to 4 years old.

The Council Plenary session unanimously approved its support for the initiative to encourage the use of these rear-facing safety devices and authorized granting subsidies for their purchase. In principle, the parents of children born in 2016 are entitled to apply for these grants, although this has been retroactively expanded to children born in 2014 and 2015.

The tripartite group formed by PAS, IU and Xente Yerbato initiated the proposal which was then supported by all the other political parties.

It should be pointed out that the amount of the grant has yet to be decided.

Why rear-facing?

Although a child restraint system can reduce injuries by 50%, rear-facing child seats can avoid up to 80%. Transporting children in this way provides more protection to the neck, spine and head, precisely the areas that are most vulnerable.

Experts advise that children should travel in that position for the longest time possible, but certainly until they reach four years old.

In fact, only certain rear-facing child seats have been awarded Sweden's renowned Plus Test stamp. Among the numerous tests undertaken, they concentrate particularly on assessing the force the neck must support in different levels of impact. Here you have full information on the Plus Test and the child seats that have passed it.

On this subject, we recommend this infographic with all the necessary information for transporting children facing towards the rear.

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