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Buying a child seat: Internet or shop?

Child car seats- Groups and brand comparisons


There are seats available from low cost right up to the most expensive ones. It is not always the most expensive seat that are the safest although they may offer different benefits. When buying a seat, and more so in this case, we would usually look at seats and compare prices in various outlets.

These days there are many places where seats are on sale, supermarkets, specialised shops and the Internet. They tend to be cheaper on the Internet due to their reduced operating costs.

As we have said before when buying a seat, you must never consider the cost as of the seat as money wasted but as an investment in the safety of your children

Secondly, you must remember that buying a seat is not always as simple as you may have at thought at first. There are various manufacturers, lots of models, different types of seats and different fixing.

The Internet can help you to gather information regarding the seats , you can find comparisons and even videos to explain their correct installation. Without doubt being confronted with this for the first time can be daunting.

Although they may not be the cheapest, specialised shops can provide help that makes the extra cost worthwhile: Expertise. A specialised shop will usually have trained staff selling their products, familiar with the comparisons and the regulations , and so can help us to choose the seat we need, the one best adapted for use in our vehicle, they can answer questions and can show you how to correctly install the seat in the car.

For a child seat to be effective it must be properly installed and anchored to the vehicle’s seat. This should be obvious and logical but unfortunately there are still drivers using seats that are incorrectly installed.

It is also a good idea to be able to see the actual seat and try your child in it to ensure they are comfortable. There are lots of colours and designs available which can make it more attractive to the child, in turn, making them more enthusiastic about using it.

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