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Careful with short trips!

Careful with short trips!


According to Julio Laria, Director General of the Institute of Road Safety at the MAPFRE FOUNDATION almost 4 in 10 accidents occur within 50kms of home, that is why we would stress the importance of always using seatbelts or a child restraining system used correctly, a child seat for those under 135 cm preferably seated backward facing, or with a seatbelt should they be taller. In the last case you must always ensure that the seatbelt can be properly adjusted or here a MAPFRE FOUNDATION we insist on the use of a booster seat for as long as necessary.
When driving in town or close to home there are some general safety recommendations that you should remember on any trip:

  • Always plan your route and try not to set off at a busy time.
  • Leave in time, don’t fix an arrival time and don’t rush. If you are going to the cinema with children for example, better to be early rather than miss the film.
  • Make sure you place large items such as toys and shopping in the trunk. Should you have an accident they may be thrown around the inside of the car causing danger to children and other passengers.
  • Keep your servicing up to date and always have your car and insurance documents with you.
  • When out at night, remember to dip your headlights when you encounter another vehicle so as not the blind the oncoming driver.
  • Always indicate to show other drivers what you are going to do, reducing risk and aiding smooth traffic flow.
  • Even if you are close to home never drive after consuming alcohol.
  • Remember that using a cell phone increases the risk of an accident. If you receive an urgent call always use hands free and keep the call brief (If the call isn’t urgent wait until you arrive at your destination).

Above all don’t think that a short trip or driving in town doesn’t mean you are at any risk. At the MAPFRE FOUNDATION we would advise you to be aware of the risks involved in making any journey.

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