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Booster seats for children. What are they for?

Booster seats for children. What are they for?


The booster seats are part of the last groups (2 and 3), covering children that weigh between 15 and 24 kilos and are anywhere from 3 or 4 up to12 years of age.
Why use a booster seat?

The answer is easy: there comes a time in a child’s life that it is too big for a child seat and too small for the seatbelt.
The booster seat as the name suggests, boosts the child up to enable fastening of the seatbelt correctly as an adult would.
When using a booster seat you must still ensure the correct positioning of the seatbelt, the upper belt should be across the middle of the collarbone without touching the neck.
Make sure that the belt is never under the arm or behind the back as this cancels any benefit from using the seatbelt.
The lower strap must be placed horizontally as low as possible, across the hips and thighs, never across the stomach.
If we follow these simple steps your child will be safe and secure in your new seat.

Booster seats: tips on buying.
Here are some guidelines to help you choose a booster seat.

  • Check that the bottom of the seat is wide and deep enough for the child to settle comfortably and securely into the seat.

Not only for comfort, the best ones have padded armrests that serve as guides for the seatbelt as does a reclining backrest. Also for the convenience of the parents, it is best if the seat cushion is removable so you can wash it in the machine.

  • Another point to keep in mind when buying a seat, take your child along with you to try it out. Since it them that will be using the seat over a long time, it makes sense if they try it out before buying.

Además, conforme va cumpliendo años, el niño será más consciente de la seguridad y podrá opinar con conocimiento de causa. De la misma forma que si el niño no se encuentra cómodo en su asiento, es probable que intente soltarse si se encuentra incómodo.

  • The last point you must remember is to make sure that the child’s head is protected by the car headrest, if it isn’t at the right level or the car doesn’t have headrests then you must buy a booster seat with one.
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