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How to carry a child in a rental car


If we wish to travel with our children, at the MAPFRE FOUNDATION we would like to offer some advice to ensure that you comply with the regulations regarding child safety.
A rental car is no different to your own vehicle when it comes to the use of a CRS for child safety it is still an obligation under the law.
The majority of rental companies offer child seats for rent, but we must be sure to choose the correct seat for our child’s weight and age. It is also important to confirm your reservation with the pickup point, to ensure that the seat, although second hand, has all the correct parts and shows no sign of deterioration. It is also necessary to ensure that the seat has not been involved in a previous accident as it may have suffered undetectable damage that could put our child at risk.
Lastly, if in any doubt as to how to install the seat it is best to read the instructions supplied with the seat or check with the personnel at the point of sale.

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