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Child restraint systems prevent up to 75% of deaths


Ignorance represents a great danger when it comes to safety and prevention. Not knowing the data or understanding what happens when an accident occurs can lead many people to defend positions that would otherwise be incomprehensible.

The facts show that adults are not capable of restraining a child in their arms in the case of an emergency stop and even less so in an accident when the car is travelling at more than 5 km/h. A child thrown forward due to the inertia inside the car will smash against something or, worse still, be thrown from the car with very serious consequences.

The facts also show that child restraint systems, commonly referred to as car seats, prevent up to 75% of deaths in traffic accidents and up to 90% of injuries that could occur as a consequence of one.

This is a matter that cannot be ignored any longer, as it is vital. And yet stubborn reality demonstrates that there is still not 100% acceptance of using child seats.

Recent studies show that one-third of parents in Europe have, at some time, driven their children in a car without an appropriate seat. This is unacceptable.

It is impossible, under any circumstances, to accept excuses such as it is only a short journey (the typical excuse that “it’s only five minutes”), that the seat has been dismantled, that you don’t know how to fit the child seat onto the car seat, or that the child doesn’t like to travel in it.

Children must always use child restraint systems when they travel in a car for their safety and to protect their lives.

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