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A well anchored and fastened child seat even in the absence of the child

A well-anchored and fastened child seat even in the absence of the child


If we are not transporting the child in the child seat, is it possible to leave the child restraint system in the back of the car? It is no problem to leave it there so long as it is correctly secured. Following on, we cover the two major reasons why the child seat should always be securely anchored.

On many occasions we have addressed the importance of correctly installing child restraint systems and how to go about it (infograph) in order to make the child as safe as possible. The safest seat on the market will be worthless if it is not properly fitted and the child strapped in according to the manufacturer's instructions. Here you will find the main ways of securing the child. In the same way that it important to have the CRS correctly installed when the child is in it, it is equally important for it to be well anchored when empty.

Bear in mind that carrying loose objects in the car is particularly dangerous. In spite of this, a recent study carried out by Volkswagen shows that 37% of drivers travel with loose objects in the car.

At a speed of 50 km/h, the weight of an object can increase by 30 to 50 times in the event of braking sharply. Can you imagine what would happen to you if the child seat was not properly secured? A child seat weighing 8 kg could have an impact force of 100 kg. For your own safety and that of other passengers, always travel with the CRS properly attached with either Isofix fittings or the car seat belt.

Additionally, another possible danger through not having the CRS secured could be the confusion it might cause. You think the child seat is anchored, you put the child in it and strap it in with the harness. In this case, using a child restraint system counts for nothing in the event of an accident because the fact the seat is not anchored will not prevent the child and seat being thrown forward when braking sharply. This can happen especially with CRS that have Isofix anchor points in that the child is held in by the harness. In the case of child seats anchored using the car seat belt it is the belt that holds in both the seat and the child thereby making it more complicated to forget to attach them correctly.

For all of these reasons, it is very important to travel with the child seat well secured. In any case, when placing the child into the seat you must ensure that that CRS is well anchored by moving it around slightly to test any play in the anchor points and their strength (light tugs, no brusque movements that might possibly damage the integrity of the CRS).

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