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Child seats in Chile must comply with safety standards in Europe or the United States

Child seats in Chile must comply with safety standards in Europe or the United States


On May 31 a new decree was issued requiring that all child restraint systems (CRS) sold in Chile comply with safety standards in Europe or the United States. The aim is to ensure that all child seats meet minimum quality requirements and have been subjected to all due safety tests. 

Having recently amended child seat regulations (children under 12 must ride in the back seats and all children up to and including 8 years of age must use a child restraint system), Chile has made quality requirements for child seats in the country even more demanding. 

The regulation currently applies to all child seats designed for those up to 4 years of age, while seats for 4- to 8-year-olds will be included as of the second half of the year. In March 2017 the requirement will be extended to child seats for under 12s. 

The new decree is thus already in force, requiring that any CRS sold in Chile complies with European and U.S. standards. The move ensures that all child restraint systems have passed performance trials for impact scenarios, as well as rollover tests, material resistance tests, flammability tests, harness fastener tests, and so on. 

No clear regulations had been in place prior to this, placing the responsibility for ensuring that child restraint systems were safe to use on parents' shoulders. There were only basic legal requirements, such as the label and instructions manual being in Spanish, but nothing to guarantee adequate safety performance from all child seats in the event of an impact.

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications will now be entrusted with implementing the measure. Specifically, the National Consumer's Service will be responsible for ensuring that all child seats sold in the country comply with the new regulations.

A yellow label with black lettering must be attached to each seat. The sticker is 9.5 cm high and 7.5 cm wide.  The text must be in Spanish and include information such as the name and address of the manufacturer, the year it was made, the maximum weight allowance and recommendations for replacing the same. 


The National Transit Safety Commission (CONASET) has published a list of certified child seats. You can view the same via the following link

It has also created two infographics detailing precisely what information must be stated on each child seat in Chile as of now. 

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