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Child seats with an airbag - the latest innovation in children's road safety

Child seats with airbags, the latest innovation in children's road safety


The safety of our children, like many other aspects, is something that needs to develop further. As parents, we try to do our utmost to protect their safety in every situation, and particularly when traveling by car. buying the most suitable child restraint system, fitting it in the right place and keeping a close eye on them at all times. But if anyone is going to go a step further in the safety of devices and innovations, that has got to be done by the manufacturers.

Having got to this point, Bébé Confort, the baby stroller, child car seat and baby care brand, has introduced a pioneering technology for CRS at the trade fair Kind+Jugend in Cologne, Germany: a child seat that includes an airbag.

This airbag technology considerably reduces the force of impact thanks to a CO2 cartridge with an airbag release system integrated in the back of the car seat.


The system is capable of detecting a collision within 15 milliseconds and the seat's harnesses (the part that "embraces" the child) automatically inflate two airbags that gently cushion the head.

Sillitas de coche con airbag, la última novedad en seguridad vial infantil


It would seem so, according to the tests conducted by Bebé Confort that have been released to the press.

This airbag technology is capable of reducing the forces exerted on the neck vertebrae by half. Furthermore, the deceleration of the head is also reduced by 20% in the case of a frontal collision.


The R&D manager at Dorel Juvenile, Eric Violette, explains; “We started exploring how airbags could better protect the heads and necks of children in forward-facing child seats years ago.”

From that point on, Dorel Juvenile, which owns Bébé Confort, went into partnership with HELITE, a French company that specializes in mobile airbag technology.

“After many years of development and trials, the result is an innovative technology for the next generation of car seats. This airbag technology will significantly improve the protection of children in front-facing child seats, and offers the maximum safety for small children." adds Violette.

Bébé Confort and the airbag system were the winners of the ‘World of Traveling Kids’ award for their prototype of a child seat with an airbag. This is the brand's most innovative concept in ten years. 

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