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Can I put a child wearing a swimsuit in a child car seat?

Can I put a child wearing a swimsuit in a child car seat?


During the summer it is normal to go to a swimming pool or the beach and to put the child straight into their swimsuit. However, at Fundación MAPFRE we recommend that your child wears clothes at all times when seated in a child restraint system in order to avoid their skin from chafing due to the heat and humidity. We can therefore be sure that the child car seat is working as it should: i.e. protecting the child in an accident or in the case of a sudden braking.

There is nothing stopping us from placing the child in the restraint system. Nevertheless, putting a t-shirt and shorts on, for example, will stop the child's skin from chafing, which can often happen if it is very hot and the child is sweating.

Moreover, in an accident or when braking sharply, the only contact between the seat belt or the harness will be the child's own skin, which could cause burns. If we merely contemplate the damage that a seat belt can inflict on an adult, it should be enough to make us stop and think. The seat belt will of course damage the skin in an accident. The same thing will happen to a child, and even more so if they are traveling without at least a t-shirt on.

We should be aware of this when we are on our journey to and from the pool or beach. We should take particular care on the journey coming back since the child may have got wet. If the child is still wet he or she should not be put in the child car seat, since this could prevent the CRS from working properly and, above all, lead to its deterioration.

That is why it is extremely important to clean the child car seat after a trip to the beach, in order to remove sand, moisture, or anything else that could stop the CRS from functioning properly and safely.

We should also take into account that the mix of moisture and sweat can be quite uncomfortable for a child seated in a child car seat.

To summarize, these are our top tips:

  • Children in child car seats should be properly dressed to avoid their skin from chafing and burning in the event of having to pull on the brakes suddenly or in an accident.
  • Avoid putting a child in the CRS if he or she is wet. Wait until the child is dry or change their clothes. This is how we can make sure we don't damage the child car seat and that the child is traveling comfortably.
  • Clean the child car seat after a trip to the beach or the pool. Remove any sand or moisture.

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