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The age for children to travel in the front seat

The age for children to travel in the front seat


It is not always the case   that child under 12 can not use the front passenger seat because in some cases where a child is under 12 but is tall enough to use the seatbelt safely then this is acceptable.

The relationship between age and weight

Children can use the front passenger seat from 12 years old, when they start to use the car seatbelts like an adult. This is also true once they reach 135cms in height.

This is to say that a 10 year old child who is over 135cms can use the front seat although not yet 12 years old.

We must also remember that they can travel in the front seat if they are using a child restraining system suitable to their age and weight and properly secured, and having made sure that the front passenger airbag is disconnected when using a backward facing child seat.

And lastly, as the law states it is always better to use a child restraining system for as long as possible. 

Children on the front seat: tips

Tips for driving in a vehicle

  • Just as children, adults travelling in a vehicle should be properly restrained by their seatbelt. Children must use a child seat suitable for their weight and height. We should be aware of which is their corresponding group. 
  • The driver must have a responsible attitude in front of other passengers, and must ensure that all children in the vehicle are properly restrained, in fact the driver must be sure that everyone in the car is properly restrained before setting off.
  • Lastly, you must always be mindful that whether it’s a long or a short trip we must always be properly restrained in the vehicle by using the seatbelts or a child seat. A common mistake is not to fasten the seatbelt or use the child seat on a very short trip but it is imperative that you ALWAYS use your restraining system no matter how short the journey
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