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Christmas offers: What should we be considering first when purchasing a child car seat, before we look at any possible offers?

Christmas offers: What should we be considering first when purchasing a child car seat, before we look at any possible offers?


Offers, special discounts..When it is time to make our Christmas purchases we start to see the special promotions designed to grab the consumer's attention. We should be careful not to be taken in by the bargains and should be considering a number of factors when choosing a child restraint system that suits our specific needs. Not just any seat will do, especially when we are looking to guarantee the safety of our young children.

Special offers if we also buy a stroller or if we spend over a certain amount can be tempting. Quality, and not price, should always be the most important aspect when purchasing a child restraint system. Buying a child car seat for Christmas as a gift is an excellent idea if the child needs a new CRS or if a new child is coming into the world.

  • The price should not influence our decision. Before we concern ourselves with the price of the child car seat we should be finding out if it is the right one for the child. It should be suitable for the child's height and weight.
  • Furthermore, it should be approved. We can check this by looking at the label on the seat. There are currently two pieces of legislation in force in Spain: R44/04 and R129. It is crucial that we are aware of this legislation, particularly if we are purchasing a seat that is on offer. Any CRS approved under R44/03 or R44/02 can no longer be sold in Spain. We should be checking that the child car seat does not have an out-of-date approval.
  • We should check that the seat has no visible defects. We might suspect this to be the case when they are selling a CRS that has been on display, if they only have one visible unit for the rest of the users or when they want to sell us a child car seat with already opened packaging because it is a return item . It is best to purchase a CRS with the packaging intact, otherwise it may have already been used and subsequently returned. It is vitally important to be completely sure that the seat is in perfect condition.
  • When purchasing a child car seat we should know how to install it, given that not all child car seats can be installed in every car. This is where price can also be a temptation if we are not checking this point.
  • We must not forget to check that the seat's guarantee is not affected at any point because we have purchased it on offer.
  • Lastly, it is advisable only to go for these promotions in trusted and specialized stores. In this way, they can clear up any doubts we might have and can provide us with a certain guarantee of quality and customer care in the event that the seat is not in a good condition or is not the right seat for us.
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