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Is it cold outside? This is what the temperature inside the vehicle should be like for both the driver and for children

¿Demasiado frío? Así debe ser la temperatura dentro del habitáculo tanto para el conductor como para los niños


Is it safe for our child to wear a coat while sitting in the car seat? Due to low temperatures and weather conditions such as rain, wind or snow, we might take certain risks that could affect our safety. 

The temperature inside the vehicle: 

On one hand, having the air conditioning or climate control system  on a very high temperature   can directly affect the driver's ability, since  significantly reduces our ability to concentrate at the wheel and  contributes to fatigue or drowsiness. 

For the other of passengers, excess heat can also make them uncomfortable, especially a child in a child car seat as excess heat could cause excess sweating. It should be noted that in the most extreme cases it is possible to suffer even a heat stroke, which is caused by an acute failure of thermoregulation and results in an extreme medical emergency.

We recommend not set the heating much higher than 21 to 23 degrees, and avoid the air stream from blowing directly towards the child.

It is important to keep a steady and well-regulated temperature inside the passenger compartment. If the vehicle is equipped with climate control it will be able to automatically regulate the temperature. 


We do not recommend riding in the car with bulky clothing.  The clothing can prevent the driver's movements and can also directly affect the seat belt's efficiency, as it will not fit properly, leading to the well-known ‘submarine’ effect.

For children in cars, it has been proven to be dangerous to put a child in a restraint system with their coat on or if they are wearing a lot of clothing. The child's body could slide inside the coat and, moreover, the coat's bulkiness means the harness is too loose and we could mistakenly think that the harness is correctly fastened. Remember that a tight harness is a safe harness. In fact, you should only be able to fit two fingers at the most between the child's body and the harness.

This is why you should take the time to take their coats off and place them properly in their child car seats. 

Winter baby sacks:

It is best to keep the vehicle at the ideal temperature of between 21 and 23 so he/she does not need to wear a coat. 

If you choose to put a winter sack in the child seat, you should take into account the CRS manufacturer's instructions. 

You can buy some brands in shops that offer specific covers for specific car seats. If these sacks are sold by the manufacturer for your specific seat, they do not usually affect safety as they are specifically designed and have the necessary slots for the harness or seat belt.  

At Fundación MAPFRE we do not recommend using any product that has not been approved and is not recommended by the manufacturer.

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