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Fundación MAPFRE and UNED course on children's road safety: 'Infant and child safety in cars'

Fundación MAPFRE and UNED's Children's Road Safety Course: 'Infant and child safety in cars'


Do you want to improve your knowledge of children's road safety? Do you want to find out more about how young children should be traveling by car until they can use a seat belt? Fundación MAPFRE, together with UNED, is offering a free ‘Infant and child safety in cars’ course. The course will be taught on an open platform from 10 October to 26 November for all those who have signed up, which can be done through the following link.

This course is aimed at providing information and training on the most important aspects of keeping young children safe on the roads. We should take into account that adults are responsible for keeping them as safe as possible. The goal is for everyone who completes the course to be able to pass this knowledge on to the people around them who also transport children in their vehicles. Most importantly, the course aims to help bring about a reduction in the numbers of children injured in traffic accidents.

The course is designed for any one who transports children by car and wishes to improve their knowledge of children's road safety, i.e., medical professionals such as gynecologists; midwives, pediatricians; child car seat manufacturers and retailers; road safety education teachers and trainers; car dealership employees; workers at educational centres such as schools or day care centres; police and traffic officers; child minders and experts in road safety such as investigators or prosecutors, among others.

Among the numerous topics which will be covered during the training, we can highlight the analysis that will be made of the child accident rates and the thorough examination of the regulations. There is also an emphasis on how small children should be traveling by car from birth until 12 years old and the importance of ensuring they are traveling facing the rear for as long as possible. Pregnancy and driving, common errors in child car seat installation and practical tests of CRS use are also covered in the course.

Ms. Rosa Goig Martínez, from the Research and Diagnostics Methods in Education I Department of the UNED's Faculty of Education, forms part of the teaching team, together with Mr. José Quintanal Díaz, also from the Research and Diagnostics Methods in Education I Department of the UNED's Faculty of Education; Mr. Jesús Monclús González, from Fundación MAPFRE; and Mr. Fernando Camarero Rodríguez, also from Fundación MAPFRE.

The course is completely free and has an estimated total of 25 teaching hours. Furthermore, you have the option of getting European course credits through ECTS, the European Credit Transfer System.

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