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Good practices: CRS workshops for pregnant women and their partners in Alcalá la Real

Good practices: CRS workshops for pregnant women and their partners in Alcalá la Real


With the objective of disseminating all of the good practices that have been developed and which help reduce the number of children who lose their lives each day in traffic accidents around the world, in 'Infant Road Safety' we introduce you to those practices you should follow. Here, we talk about the workshops on child restraint systems organized by the Alcalá la Real local council and the Andalusia Health Service. Since its creation, it has helped more than 450 people.

These workshops are aimed especially at pregnant women and their partners and are included within the Local Health Action Plan. They are part of the ante-natal classes and include the participation of midwives from the Infant Midwifery of the Clinical Gestation Unit of Alcalá la Real and staff from the local Children's Traffic Park.


Participants receive information about legal aspects and the use of child restraint systems: where the car seat should be placed, how to install it, the different types and groups, the features of the seat, etc.

In this sense, emphasis is placed on the importance of always traveling with a child restraint system, regardless of whether it is a short or a long trip and particular attention is placed on traveling home from the hospital: ‘Pregnancy and the first trip home’.

“This is an important and effective preventative measure in which only harmonized restraint systems should be used which are suitable for the child's height and weight. Particular emphasis is placed on short trips when compliance with standards should never be relaxed", stated Counsellor Cecilia Alameda, who highlighted the need for including "safety habits" and "leading by example".

This is why workshops emphasize safety and training for the youngest members of the family and setting a good example.

Parents learn to correctly position a car seat in a vehicle by using dolls to represent babies in child restraint systems. Car seats of all groups are used as well as a vehicle seat simulator.


These workshops have been offered monthly (not counting vacation periods) for the past three years. To date, approximately 450 people have attended these training workshops.

They were set up based on an initiative from the workgroup on Safe and Sustainable Mobility of the Local Health Action Plan in September 2012.

In order to correctly position a car seat, it's important to be familiar with all of its components. We therefore recommend you consult our infographic on "Basic Parts of a Child Car Seat":


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