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CuidaSOS goes ahead in Spain

SOStakecare goes ahead in Spain


Prevention is learnt. One can learn to take various measures to reduce the risk of an accident. As with anything we learn, the earlier the better. Don’t miss the opportunity to show children, from an early age, how to understand danger and avoid it, in the worst case scenario, in an accident they will know what to do and how to act quickly and call the emergency services.

With this in mind, the MAPFRE FOUNDATION CuidaSOS program was born: to educate children to be careful when developing instinctive habits, to see where danger lies and to protect themselves from it, to prevent children having accidents. The program has already visited Cantabria and La Rioja and has recently arrived in Asturias. Bit by bit it will visit different provinces.

With this program the instructors visit different schools to carry out educational workshops with pupils aged between 5 and 12 years old where the children are taught using participation, about how to be more careful and avoid having accidents in the home, at school or in outside.

For example they learn to be careful not to fall, how not to get burnt and understand the toxic materials present in the home. They also learn how to react to a fire, if say they have to evacuate the school and how to avoid traffic accidents. They are also shown basic first aid.

Teaching children from an early age how to prevent accidents is the best investment we can make. They are shown how to prevent having them when travelling by car. Prevention education includes road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, passengers and when they are older, how to be better, more responsible and safe drivers.

Of course the major part of road safety is learnt by example. A fundamental part of which is watching adults and seeing them wearing a seatbelt, which demonstrates to them that they should be using their child restraining system when in the car.

A child seat and harness or seatbelt are necessary elements for safe travel by car, and to reduce the gravity of injuries sustained in an accident. When children begin to learn from a young age it becomes normal and natural and these preventative habits stay in their mind for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to find out more about the SOStakecare program go to the web page.

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