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Are front airbags a danger to babies?


Most of the safety developments in vehicles are designed and tested with adults in mind, those of at least 150cms in height. If we consider that up to 135cms it is obligatory for children to use a child seat which is placed closer to the dashboard, we find that in a collision the child’s body will feel the full impact of the airbag which fires at high velocity from much closer. This increased risk from the airbag can produce injury not only from the impact of the airbag but could push the child towards other less safe parts of the vehicle.
The law clearly prohibits the installation of backward facing child restraining systems with an active airbag. A child seat installed in this position even with the passenger seat as far back as possible, will still receive a much bigger impact. Never position a child on the passenger seat with the airbag activated. In most models of car it is possible to deactivate the airbag. Learn how to do this from the owner manual or contact the manufacturer or dealership.
Regardless of the huge technological safety advances made during the last few years. Airbags are still not totally safe for children and babies. For this reason the MAPFRE FOUNDATION recommend you to place child seats on the back seats, backward facing where there is no risk at all.

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