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The Department of Traffic is intensely monitoring the use of seat belts and child car seats during back-to-school week

The National Department of Traffic carries out intense controls of the use of seat belts and child car seats during back-to-school week


Did you know that failure to use a seat belt is the second leading cause of death on the roads after excess speed? For this reason, coinciding with back-to-school week for thousands of children throughout Spain, the National Department of Traffic is rolling out a special campaign to monitor the use of seat belts and child restraint systems. Furthermore 50 of the 277 cameras to monitor seat belt use were put into operation.

28% of fatalities in cars in traffic accidents during the summer were not using seat belts at the time of the accident. This percentage is similar to the percentage of fatalities not using a restraint device during all of last year (190 of the 823 fatalities in cars and vans).

Between the 11 and 17 of September, officers from the Civil Guard Traffic Division, together with regional and local police forces, will be increasing their controls in both the intercity and urban areas, in order to check that all the occupants of vehicles are correctly using these devices.

Coinciding with the new school year, special attention will be paid to how young children are traveling and if they are using child restraint systems.

In this regard, The Department of Traffic reminds us that transporting children in a vehicle is the adult's responsibility, therefore, it is important to follow the regulations and ensure that children 135 cm tall or less who are traveling in the vehicle are seated in a child restraint system which is appropriate for their size and weight, as stipulated by law and are seated on the rear seats of the car (See what the regulations state and the 3 exceptions).

As well as using the child car seat most appropriate for the height and weight of the child, it is also vitally important that the child is well secured and sitting correctly in the seat. Follow these tips to make sure you run no risks.

It should also be noted that the first 50 cameras monitoring seat belt use have been put into operation, and they can detect if drivers are not using this protective measure. During the first two months any drivers captured by these cameras will only receive an informative letter. Once this informative period has passed the penalties for this offence will be imposed, as announced by the Department of Traffic.

During the following months the rest of the cameras will be progressively put into operation until all 277 are installed on conventional roads (60%) and on high occupancy roads (highways) and whose location can be found on the website.

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