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Should I disable the front passenger airbag if I have installed a forward-facing child car seat on this seat?

¿Debo desconectar el airbag con una sillita en el asiento del copiloto a favor de la marcha?


We often discuss how important it is to disable the front passenger seat airbag when we install a Child Restraint System on this seat. It is absolutely vital that we disable the airbag when we are placing a rear-facing child car seat on the front passenger seat. The reason for this is that the activation and deployment of the airbag in a crash would catapult the child restraint system backwards, with dire consequences for the young child.

We should remember that we can only install a CRS on the front seat under the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle does not have any rear seats.
  • If all the rear seats are already occupied by other children in their respective child seats.
  • If it is impossible to fit a child restraint system on the rear seats.

If we are going to install a forward-facing child car seat on the front passenger seat it is not necessary, or advisable, to disconnect the airbag. In this case, the airbag would function correctly as a safety system and will protect the child in a crash. Although it is best to position the seat at a safe distance. It should not be too close to the airbag. 

However, not all cars will allow you to disable the front passenger airbag. In some models this is optional, but for other types of car we will need to go to a specialized car repair shop so that a professional can disable the airbag for us.

We strongly advise against tampering with the disabling systems in any way, such as, for example, removing a fuse, rerouting cables, etc., without the help of a professional authorized by the manufacturer. The only way of ensuring that these actions are carried out in accordance with the legislation and undertaken completely safely is by using professionals.

Above all, we should never compromise our own safety or that of our children.

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