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DRIVEMESAFE, a new app from MAPFRE for driving without distractions

DRIVEMESAFE, a new app from MAPFRE for driving without distractions


Answering a call, sending a whatsapp, or taking a photo are so habitual that many drivers are unaware of the danger of doing them at the wheel. Diverting our attention from driving, even for a few seconds, reduces our response time when faced with the unexpected. It puts us in serious danger.
To help drivers avoid this constant temptation MAPFRE FOUNDATION has developed a phone app that allows you to drive without any distractions and with information on what is especially dangerous. It’s called DRIVEMESAFE and can now be downloaded free on Android.
This app has 3 functions to help make your driving safer: 

  • NOW NO. Warns whoever is calling you, by a text message, that you are driving and cannot answer their call. It will also cut off the incoming call to avoid you being distracted and it allows you to write the text of the message. You can activate it in three different ways: manually, once the car reaches a certain speed or automatically using the car’s Bluetooth. All calls are logged so that you can check them, safely, once you arrive at your destination.
  • ALMOST THERE. The easiest way to say that you are almost there. DRIVEMESAFE will advise the person you choose, by text message sent automatically, that you are almost there, once you arrive at a previously decided distance from your destination.
  • HOT SPOTS. Driving without surprises. This function advises you about black spots or traffic incidents you are approaching. Useful information when planning the safest route.

From MAPFRE FOUNDATION we invite you to use DRIVEMESAFE as part your safety routine, especially when travelling with the family. Before setting off, fasten in the children, adjust your seatbelt and activate DRIVEMESAFE to avoid distractions.
Take advantage of technology to improve road safety.

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