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The difference between mothers and fathers when driving, can it affect the children?


This is true when we respect all the safety precautions and maintain civil behavior towards our fellow drivers, especially when travelling with our children in the car, since they learn by imitating us. As we are responsible for the safety of our children, it is our obligation to ensure that their child restraining system is always properly adjusted and that the system is approved for our child according to weight and height. That is it properly installed, whenever possible on the rear seats (generally much safer) and backward facing for as long as possible.
Being responsible for their education there are other questions to consider in the car: for example reinforcing sensible behavior such as not bothering or distracting the driver, never throwing anything out of the window, getting in and out of the vehicle on the side closet to the curb, etc.
Ultimately, as indicated in the study, there is nothing to prove that one sex can drive better than the other, but mothers as well as fathers provide the example to our children until they can decide for themselves, their safety in the car depends on us.

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