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Driving with a sleeping child

Child sleeping in the car


Sometimes children look as if they are made differently and can fall asleep anywhere in any position but we must try to understand from our own experience that once they are asleep that they are not thrown around like a pinball, with their head being thrown from one side to the other. Usually they would wake up but we could cause them to hurt themselves.

The first thing we can do to ensure that they sleep comfortably and safely is choosing the seat. The best ones are those that can be adjusted as much as possible. For example there are seats available that recline slightly (always within a range that doesn’t allow submarining) to ensure that the child is not too upright while sleeping.

They often allow you to regulate the position of the head with a headrest that can be moved back or forward as desired. Thanks to this, the child’s head is slightly reclined which is much more comfortable. Comfort is key to a longer and more restful sleep and of course makes it an easier journey for us.

Although we have a comfortable seat, our driving should be adapted as much as possible to accommodate our child. If they are asleep and their muscles are completely relaxed, it is best to drive as smoothly as possible trying not to rock the car on bends, which could throw their head from side to side.

Taking a corner a slower speed, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, playing relaxing music and a temperature of around 20°C to 22°C will all help them to be unaware of the journey and when they open their eyes again we are that bit nearer our destination.

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