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Eight important tips on how to take your child to school before going to work

Eight important tips on how to take your child to school before going to work


Do you take advantage of your route to work to take your child to school or day care? Do you know how best to go about it or what advice to follow? We have come up with a series of guidelines on how to do it safely.

  1. Children should always travel in a child restraint system. By law, they must do so if they are a minor and are less than 135 cm tall, even if the route to school only takes 10 minutes.
  2. They should always travel in an approved CRS which is adapted to their size and weight. It should be the appropriate seat for the child - their own seat. You cannot put the child in the child car seat of your older or younger children. They must only use a CRS which is within their weight and height range.
  3. Spend as long as it takes to place the child car seat properly in the car and secure the minor correctly. Never rush this process. We should bear in mind that in order for a CRS to be safe, it must be correctly installed and the child should be adequately secured. Here you can find some recommendations on how to do it correctly.
  4. Do not put them in the child car seat when they have a backpack on their back or their coat on. Here are the reasons why a coat can reduce the seat's effectiveness.
  5. Plan what time you will be going and make sure to leave the house with plenty of time to spare. You should bear in mind any possible traffic, as well as the weather conditions and the route. If we are well organised we will not be in such a rush and this can help to avoid driving too fast on our journey, not to mention the stress that comes with trying to arrive on time.
  6. Reduce your speed when your are in the immediate vicinity of the school.
  7. Don't leave the car double parked in order for the child to get out. Try to always park the car, and if possible on the same side of the road as the school so the child does not have to cross the road.
  8. Help the child to get out of the car if necessary. You should always do this on the sidewalk side of the car. Let the child know when he or she can get out without obstructing any pedestrians, by checking in the rearview mirror.


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