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‘Emotional Driving’, stories of personal triumph to help reduce traffic accidents

 ‘Emotional Driving’, stories of personal triumph to help reduce traffic accidents


Four stories of personal triumph in overcoming the aftermath of traffic accidents form part of the web series Emotional Driving, an initiative developed by the Gonvarri company which aims to raise social awareness and help reduce accidents on our roads and highways. This is one of the many campaigns being conducted by institutions and companies in Spain and around the world to help reach ´objective zero´. Some of these campaigns are extremely moving. Let us share one of them with you.

'Life does not end after an injury like mine. There's another, different life, neither better nor worse,' explains Gustavo Almela, Institutional Relations Manager at Aesleme (association for the study of spinal cord injuries). His is one of the four stories included in the web series 'Emotional Driving'. Another participant is Mar Cogollos, manager of the association. We will soon be able to see and hear their stories.

Gonvarri launched its ‘Emotional Driving’ initiative in 2014, first addressing its own workers and then reaching out to their family members and now to society as a whole. The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and help reduce the number of traffic accidents. With this goal in mind, this year the company has strengthened its initiative with the creation of a book and a website 'to integrate this motivation effort and remind everyone that the most important part of driving is living to talk about it,' states the company.

The web series consists of four journeys (both physical and emotional) with four of the protagonists of the book Emotional Driving who tell their own stories of personal triumph, emphasizing positive attitudes and the need to raise awareness in a different way.

'I am a very positive person, but I had a very difficult time. The main thing is that I decided not to give up. I had to fight', says Sonia Prieto, who has been with the company for 18 years and was in a traffic accident when she was pregnant. This is another of the stories that the company has made available on the Internet and that is being spread over social networks.

The company also has a book containing reflections that promote an optimistic view of road safety, with a contribution from Jesús Monclús, Manager of the Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area of Fundación MAPFRE.

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