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Enjoy Halloween with your children without forgetting about safety


Halloween is a scary night in the best possible way, and so MAPFRE FOUNDATION would like to remind you that there is no reason to have a bad experience by neglecting the safety of the children.

When you consider that children are out on the streets, and accidents involving cars are higher than the average at this time of year, it is worth taking a few simple precautionary measures.

-Although the usual color worn at Halloween is black, you can always add a few reflective elements to the children’s outfits so that they can be easily seen (you could use fluorescent stickers, so that they can be seen more easily by traffic, and which will also add to their ghostly appearance when they are doing “trick or treat”).

-Also make sure that their outfit doesn’t restrict movement, which might cause them to fall over.

-Instead of using a mask, which restricts visibility, you could change it for non-toxic face painting.

Lastly, remember that children under 12 should be accompanied, try to go out in groups and don’t get separated, avoid strangers, and remember that outside of the USA, Halloween is not always celebrated, so be patient and polite.

Taking few safety precautions will not spoil the night. Have a terrifying Halloween!

More information at Safe Kids Worldwide

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