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Return to school with care and with patience

Recommendations for road safety around schools.


At the MAPFRE FOUNDATION we wish to remind you that even on a short trip you must observe every safety precaution, especially the use of a seatbelt and a Child restraining system when driving with our children.
Driving in town and rushing can have a negative effect on our behavior so we must increase the precautions we take so as not to fall into irresponsible behavior at the wheel. Good planning to establish positive routines involving the whole family can help us to overcome this happening, particularly in big cities when the return to school is synonymous with traffic jams.
To begin with we must get used to our new timetable. The start of term is the perfect time to begin a healthy routine in which the children help us to leave home with everything and on time.
It is also the right time to decide on the best and safest route to take to school, both there and back and to time the journey. When possible it is always wise to leave slightly earlier to avoid the rush hour, traffic jams and stress. Arriving early is always better than rushing at the last minute. This is positive conduct that will influence our children.
Given that our children learn in large part from our actions it is fundamental that we always use a seatbelt. If they are old enough to understand and we explain to them properly the reason why we use a child restraining system, they will eventually ask to use it and wish to be properly secured in their child seat, comfortably and correctly or even take their own precautions such as removing their backpack before sitting in it. Of course we must keep an eye on this but if they do their part the battle before leaving home is won. Before we realize, it will be our children that remind us to fasten our seatbelts if we forget.
For the safety of all, at the MAPFRE FOUNDATION we recommend you to drive calmly taking every precaution and respecting the rules of the road. If we break the law by for example, double parking at the school gates, obstructing traffic, we will be teaching them a very bad lesson.
The return to school is a good time to put into practice everything we have learned about road safety over the years. Make use of it!

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