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Every 33 seconds a child is involved in a traffic accident in the United States

Every 33 seconds, a child is involved in a traffic accident in the United States


With more than 2,600 children under the age of 13 involved in traffic accidents every day - or in other words, a child affected by a highway accident every 33 seconds in the United States - "parents need to be extra vigilant about keeping kids safe in cars", according to Safe Kids Worldwide. In view of this they have written the "Ultimate Car Seat Guide" to provide all the information necessary to prevent children from traveling incorrectly in vehicles in the United States.

The latest figures from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 59 percent of child restraint systems are not installed correctly. It reminds us of the road accident rates involving children in the United States and Europe The Guide offers expert and easily-accessible advice to parents to prevent these accidents from occurring.

The Guide has been developed in collaboration with General Motors and offers information on how to choose the best CRS, how it should be installed and when your child should move up to the next child seat category. It can also be personalized by including the name of the child, its date of birth and weight. It provides all the information you need on which child restraint system is the best for you, how it should be installed and how to tell if it is properly anchored, among other advice. The Guide is available online.

Safe Kids has considerable experience in this area, as it has checked almost two million child seats at the "Safe Kids Buckle Up" events. Thus the Guide also provides parents with information about the latest practices to give children greater protection.

You can find advice for every stage of the child's development, from the moment they are born and need their very first child seat through to the time they are ready to move on to using a regular seat belt.

It is unfortunate that not all parents are able to attend one of the thousands of events organized by Safe Kids to provide information and advice for the correct installation of child seats. Particularly memorable are the "Educational Workshops" organized in the USA.

As an example, in September alone they held more than 500 events to check whether children were traveling correctly in their child seats. The experts (who all have National Child Passenger Safety Certification) provide parents with advice and all kinds of information.

Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization devoted to preventing traffic accidents involving children, the number one cause of infant deaths in the United States, thanks to their sterling work to improve children's road safety about which we have spoken on many occasions.

Finally, we recommend you read the article "What regulations govern the use of CRS in the United States?" which features an infographic showing the different State regulations.

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