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FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE award to YOURS as “Best Initiative in Prevention and Road Safety”


YOURS , the acronym for Youth for Road Safety, has been for six years promoting an educational program in which young people from all over the world collaborate to make our roads safer for young people.

As Floor Lieshout, the Director of Yours says, “the injuries caused as a consequence of traffic accidents are the principal cause of death of young people globally. Every day 1000 young lives are cut short and thousands more are injured. In most places these numbers will only increase if we don’t take urgent action”. 

In 2009, YOURS began an iniatative , which we are honoring, and basically involves something as simple and effective as giving young people a leading role as campaigners for prevention and road safety. The award was presented during the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety held in Moscow. Since then they have continued working for the reduction of road accidents, especially in young people, one of the most vulnerable groups, together with children and older people.

The innovative methodology employed, involves teaching using active learning, and is done by the youngsters themselves, many of them volunteers, people who are trained and motivated and that work with those participating, using enjoyable interactive activities with an informal structure, such as role play, group activitities, games and simulated situations to foster effective learning.

One of the keys to it’s success, is that it is the youngsters, using their own experiences, who are doing the teaching in their own language, which encourages the participants to play an active role and participate by modifying their behavour and improving their awareness.

FUNDACIÓN MAFRE has given this award, with a prize of 30,000 euros, in recognition of the work done done in developing this initiative which is founded on three key elements: increasing the understanding and awareness of road safety in young people; collectively motivating young people towards positive action for the prevention of accidents; and developing habitual good practice in road safety.

The award was presented by Her Majesty Queen Sofia as “The best initiative for Prevention and Road Safety”, in recognition of the role played by this organization in the prevention and the reduction of traffic accidents, behind which, according to this European organization, are not simply statistics and numbers but which “there are many families, friends and stories to testify how much a persons life can be changed after suffering a tragic an accident”.


In the photograph, from left to right, we can see the Honorary President of the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, José Manuel Martínez, representing Cardiac Risk in the Young, Alison Cox; President if the Madrid Assembly, Paloma Adrados; the tenor Plácido Domingo; The Vice President of the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, Antonio Núñez; Her Majesty Queen Sofia; the president of the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas; the Secretary of State, for Social Affairs and Equality, Susana Camarero Benitez; representing the Colors of Calcutta Foundation, Maria de Muns; Her Royal Highness Princess Elena; representing Youth for Road Safety, Floor Lieshout and the Second Vice President of the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, Francisco Vallejo.

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