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Games, apps and videos on road safety for children

Juegos, apps y vídeos sobre seguridad vial para los más pequeños


Children can learn and have fun with games, applications or videos, which are, without a doubt, a great way to get their attention. At Fundación MAPFRE, through Educate Your World, we have a large selection of educational material for children to enjoy and consolidate their knowledge of road safety. 

For all ages and according to the educational level, the topic, the subject, the skills required, the category or the language. The extensive catalog of Fundación MAPFRE educational material allows parents, educators and teachers to choose what they want to learn about according to different aspects. Road safety is clearly one of the main interests. 

For example, we have an educational game app for 8-10 and 10-12 year olds that focuses on learning safe cycling rules. With this interactive application, students can experience everyday situations about traffic and learn safe cycling while playing a game. 

Now that children can go outside again, we suggest this interactive activity so they can learn the safety rules applicable to pedestrians. Children have to identify what the pedestrians do wrong and become aware of the dangers as vulnerable road users. 

We are also offering a 'Safe Crossing' interactive activity, which delves into aspects such as who to cross the street with and where to cross, or 'Let's make signs', where they learn to recognize signs and design them in an entertaining way.

Find out here about all our road safety educational materials. 

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